Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.
‒Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

LinguaWest is based in Ireland operated by Irish professionals very experienced in all aspects of education, training, student welfare and hospitality provision. We also have agents who work both within and outside of Ireland with students from a variety of European and other Countries.

Subject to compliance with visa and other conditions, LinguaWest welcomes students to Ireland from all parts of the world.

LinguaWest Has Two Directors:


Naomi has over 20 years experience in education. She is an experienced English, TEFL, French and Special Educational Needs teacher. She has worked as a course coordinator in English and French and also as an examiner for SATs and OCR. Naomi has worked as a moderator for NEAB in the UK, and as examiner for Dublin Examination Board and the State Examinations Board in Ireland. Naomi has taught in Africa, UK and Ireland. Naomi is Director of course content and teaching methodology and puts this deep well of knowledge and expertise to great use for the benefit of students of LinguaWest


Michelle has very significant experience in working with foreign students. She has worked in the past as a host family, area representative and coordinator with other language companies. Michelle is very knowledgeable of the welfare needs of students and their concerns while abroad. Michelle is Director of student welfare, host family placements, accommodation and school placements. Michelle is a former restaurant owner and brings years of practical experience, knowledge and expertise to LinguaWest.

The view from the summit of Knocknarea, Sligo burial Place of the Ancient Queen of Ireland Queen Meadbhe

About LinguaWest

At LinguaWest we offer an English language learning experience which is both fun and educational. We want our students to feel part of something special, something different. At LinguaWest, you will experience more than just learning a foreign language; you will be part of the global LinguaWest family.
Our fantastic social programme offers you the chance to get a taste of all things Ireland has to offer, and provides you with lots of opportunities to speak English outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom, we believe our students learn English faster if they’re having fun! Our teachers have the passion and experience to ensure you achieve your learning objectives. We carefully select teachers who understand your goals and work hard to build a close relationship with you. On top of this, we have a great support team in and outside the school, who are there to make sure your stay is as educational and as enjoyable as possible.

The Beautiful Lough Allen, Leitrim

There is nothing better than being able to mix education with good fun meaning our English and Activity courses are always a favourite. All of our lessons are focused on developing students’ English fluency and accuracy through classroom themes and projects that link into everyday life and student interests. Our programmes are both challenging and fun where students will develop their language and social skills with confidence both inside and outside the classroom. Our highly qualified and approachable team are on hand to guide your child and make sure that all our students have the best possible learning experience.
LinguaWest is based in the North West of Ireland close to Sligo, Carrick-on-Shannon and the world famous "Wild Atlantic Way."

The pointer on the map below shows where where we are located